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Hire our interior painters to paint your home.

Painting your house is a lot of work. After choosing the paint and gathering all your supplies, you have to tape all the walls, cut in, roll out the paint, and then apply multiple coats to get the result you want. This process can take hours or even days, and it can be hard to fit painting into your already busy schedule.

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Instead of trying to paint on your own, hire our interior painters at Bravo Professional Contractors for the job. Our interior painters are known for exceeding expectations, and a big part of this is thanks to our attention to detail and proven painting processes.

When we paint your Charlotte, North Carolina house, we will start by preparing the work area and repairing any surface imperfections. We can even move your furniture out of the way, cover your belongings with plastic, and lay down floor coverings to protect the other surfaces.

We’ll apply primer and/or paint to the walls and typically apply a full two coats to achieve the smooth, even coverage you’re looking for. Finally, we’ll clean up our workspace to make sure the finished result looks as crisp and beautiful as you could ever expect.

We offer discounts of up to $2,000 on labor costs for any of our customers if they or one of their immediate family members is a veteran, police officer, firefighter, healthcare worker, or teacher. To start your painting project, request an estimate from our interior painters today.

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